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Thread: Greatest Heavyweights: Hack/Update Ideas

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    Default Greatest Heavyweights: Hack/Update Ideas

    Hey everyone, I've been kicking around the idea of putting together a document for potential edits/hacks for a future update to Greatest Heavyweights, probably calling it something like Sega Sports Championship Boxing 2015: Heavyweight Edition. The idea stemmed from my love of boxing/boxing games, and the activity in the NHL '94 community. I'd love to do an edit of Greatest Heavyweights and update it to behave as a yearly/by-yearly Genesis Home-brew series, with updated Heavyweight rankings. I'm not sure how hard this would be, or what kind of programming knowledge I would be required, but the main idea would be to change the title screen, existing boxers names and portraits, and to use the Transitional Boxing Rankings as a backbone for the yearly roster. For example, if it were current, the roster would look something like this...

    Heavyweight Roster: 2015
    C Wladimir Klitschko 64-3-0 (53) UKR
    1 Alexander Povetkin 29-1-0 (21) RUS
    2 Tyson Fury 24-0-0 (18) ENG
    3 Deontay Wilder 34-0-0 (33) USA
    4 Kubrat Pulev 20-1-0 (11) BUL
    5 Bermane Stiverne 24-2-1 (21) CAN
    6 Carlos Takam 31-2-1 (24) CMR
    7 Vyacheslav Glazkov 20-0-1 (12) UKR
    8 Bryant Jennings 19-1-0 (10) USA
    9 Steve Cunningham 28-7-0 (13) USA
    10 Ruslan Chagaev 34-2-1 (21) GER

    If it worked out, it would not be terribly difficult to change values around and have an edition for each weight class, as I assume adding weight classes Etc. may be much too difficult, but editing Greatest Heavyweights to instead be Greatest Welterweights, for example, would be a matter of changing values for weight, and increasing the base speed of the fighters (so they could still increase based on stats/career gains/waning) and reducing the damage/chance for flash knockdowns as weights decreased.

    In that kind of Scenario, Sega Sports Championship Boxing 2015: Welterweight Edition would look something like this...

    Welterweight Roster: 2015
    C Floyd Mayweather Jr. 48-0-0 (26) USA
    1 Manny Pacquiao 57-6-2 (38) PHI
    2 Timothy Bradley 32-1-1 (12) USA
    3 Kell Brook 35-0-0 (24) ENG
    4 Amir Khan 31-3-0 (19) ENG
    5 Keith Thurman 26-0-0 (22) USA
    6 Shawn Porter 26-1-1 (16) USA
    7 Marcos Maidana 35-5-0 (31) ARG
    8 Diego Chaves 23-2-1 (19) ARG
    9 Sadam Ali 22-0-0 (13) USA
    10 Danny Garcia 31-0-0 (18) USA

    Which would be freaking amazing...

    Anyway, just an idea. I'd love to hear some thoughts on this...

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    This game certainly has the potential to became one of these yearly updated hacks.
    It shouldn't be all that difficult to edit names, stats and body types.

    The main issue IMO would be to draw faces quite similar to the real ones like they did for the legendary boxers in the original game. To not talk about the voice samples and the AI behavior matching the style of each one of them.

    I particularly don't have all that interest in a 2015 version, but I'd like to be able to expand the game a little bit by including the following boxers (complete with audio, custom AI, etc): Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Earnie Shavers, Ken Norton and Sonny Liston.

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    Always wished Mike Tyson was hidden in the game. No Mike Dixon doesn't count.

    That would be a cool hack.

    Crossing my fingers Sports Talk Baseball gets an update.
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