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Thread: Putty Squad for Mega Drive has been dumped

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    Great release and interesting thread.

    It would be nice if someone with the appropriate skills could give this rom some TLC like the unreleased Amiga version eventually got,
    e.g. add in the sound effects and the end sequence. The resources to do so are of course plentiful due to the existence of the other ports.

    I have my doubts that a finished version will surface despite what the magazines say. I base this on looking at past experiences with prototype releases
    compared to what magazines reported.

    Good job though.
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    Sorry for digging up an old thread. I lost the Putty Squad board for a while, but found it again yesterday while cleaning out a few boxes. During the process of dumping the rom the chips were all socketed (including the multiplexer for some reason), but anyway if anyone is interested to know what the board looks like right now here it is:

    I actually plan on making a hack with a few small changes in order to improve playability after my current localisation project is completed. The game doesn't seem to want to play from the proto board anymore, you have to fiddle with the board and get it into exactly the right position before it boots on my console, maybe its a problem with console itself but no other games have that problem.

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    That stinks, didn't you say you needed to replace the multiplexer on the board already once?
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