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Thread: Dragon Quest VII / Dragon Quest VIII (3DS)

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    NDS Dragon Quest VII / Dragon Quest VIII (3DS)

    So yeah Dragon Quest VII : Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Dragon Quest VIII : Journey of the Cursed King. Two RPGs I seriously lost a ton of my life to finally coming to the 3DS. While DQVII was released on the PS1 stateside many moons ago I don't think it got as much attention as it deserved. DQVIII a lot of people have enjoyed a lot and to get this released once again with I hope new content is going to make for many hours of my life lost once again.

    I can understand that porting DQVII into english originally was a stupidly huge undertaking on the PS1 but it sounds like they had to re-write the who thing again for the 3DS. I have no idea if DQVIII will use a lot of voice overs for the 3DS version but I'm hoping so since I loved Yangus's voice on the PS2 version.

    Seriously, here's a picture of the original Playstation Japanese script of Dragon Quest VII...

    I'm sure it'll be more steamlined for the 3DS but knowing that much work went into this title makes me cringe.
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    Well they've both been out for years in Japan now. There's probably a list you can find somewhere that gives you a breakdown.

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