My cousin's Model 2's power supply, a 2103, kicked the can, or moreover, kicked the cap - the 16V 3300uf capacitor leaked, and it appears to have caused more problems. I've managed to scrape away the old dried up electrolyte from the board and secured a replacement Nichicon cap for it, but it doesn't seem to be working, still.

The only component that the electrolyte leaked on was one of the diodes. As near as I've been able to figure, it's a rectifier diode, but for the life of me am not able to identify a suitable replacement part. The only information I have on it is that all four diodes on the board are the same, and the markings on them say "A42 151."

Reasonably sure this is the only remaining bad component, unless the transformer itself has gone bad, but who knows.

Does anyone know what these are for sure? I'm a better detective than I am an EE, so the information I have has come from here, among other places.