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Thread: Different Genesis 3 AC adapters?

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    Genesis Different Genesis 3 AC adapters?

    Are there 2 or more different AC adapters for the Sega Genesis 3?

    I have two Sega Genesis 3 consoles, just got a second unit. Underneath one says 10V 1.2A (and has a small switch). The other says 10V 0.3A. The 0.3A is what I just got.

    The 0.3A console did not come with any cables. The 1.2A console was mine when I was young and I still have all the cables for it (and box). The A/V cable seems to fit OK, although the holes are square on the 0.3A model versus round on my 1.2A model.

    The 1.2A AC adapter does not fit into the 10V 0.3A model. The plug is too big. Unfortunately I can't easily see the AC adapter model number as it is behind my TV console.

    Online I found an original Sega 10V 0.3A power supply (model number 1479) and ordered that. From the pic the end looks different from my existing AC adapter (10V 1.2A) so hopefully it will work.

    But just wondering if there were multiple Genesis 3 versions with different power requirements?

    The two systems look different. One has bright white lettering (the 0.3A version). The other (the 1.2A version) has blueish grey lettering.

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    The 1479 AC adapter arrived today and it worked perfectly.

    So there are definitely two different types of AC adapters that may be needed depending on your Sega Genesis 3 model.

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    Pretty sure that weird Genesis 3 is actually a clone.

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    I also think it's just a clone. My model 3 underside is the same as the image on the right. There are two revisions of the model 3, but neither have that switch, or require 1.2A.
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