A few years ago I put out a game called Gravity Pig. It wasn't great by any means, but it was my first attempt at a platformer type game. The end product was rough, but it was a lot of fun to create.

Not long after, I started work on my next project. I wanted wrap a level editor around the game to allow for user-created levels that could be saved to SRAM. It took a while to get working, but eventually I had it running with all the features I wanted. The SRAM save even works between emulators and real hardware if you have an everdrive.

There was one major issue though. The program would occasionally crash when selecting menu items. I never had it happen in emulators, only real hardware. Believe me, I spent a long time trying to diagnose it but could never figure out what was happening. The level editor code is such a spaghetti code trainwreck that the hardware probably just suicides when running it for long enough.

I just ended up shelving the project, not wanting to release it with a crash bug. However, the game has been sitting around on my hard drive for the past 2 1/2 years and I realise that I'm never going to end up fixing it. I've decided just to throw it out there. It only crashes on real hardware, and I imagine that if anyone even wants to play it they will probably do so in an emulator. If you want to run this on real hardware, just save your level often.

-Interface for selecting level blocks
-3 level themes to chose from
-Different background music to use for your level
-SRAM level save/load feature

The game has instructions for use within the main menu.

Download link: http://mode5.net/download/Gravity%20...n%20Engine.bin

And last of all: Here is a video time lapse of me putting a level together using the editor, only to have it crash before I get to finish it