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Thread: Any good mobile Sega games ?

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    Default Any good mobile Sega games ?

    I know I'm in danger of getting lynched for bringing up mobile gaming but I'm getting ready for a new mobile game and I love Sega so.....

    Any good Sega iPhone games out there ?

    Couple of caveats:

    No Mega Drive ports, virtual d-pads are awful and I'd rather play Mega Drive games on my Mega Drive!

    I hate the whole in app purchases to get anywhere in a game model, I'd rather spend a fiver and have a complete game that I can play through in a traditional manner.

    So anyone know if Sega have produced any good mobile games that play like a good handheld console game ?

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    They had an Android version of Chu Chu Rocket, which is the perfect kind of game for mobile, but they removed it because allegedly it didn't meet quality standards. What that means, I don't know. I bought the Gameboy Advance version for dirt cheap and am enjoying it immensely. Last time I tried to get an APK for CCR from a third party site, it showed a splash screen for some chinese warez site with links to asian porn. So I deleted it immediately. And it didn't work anyway. Probably malware or something.

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