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Thread: Sangokushi IV - Why no translation?

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    Default Sangokushi IV - Why no translation?

    It was released for just about every platform out there, and was translated here for SNES, PS, Saturn, and PC. I'm not gonna lie, I don't know anything about programming. It could be a 1 day job or a year long project for all I know. I am just quite surprised that with the popularity of the series and with the lack of 32X titles I had thought for sure someone would translate it by now. Thoughts and ideas? Anyone here working on this?

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    I think there are two main reasons: one, lack of familiarity with the 32X architecture; and two, the fact that it is out on other platforms, so the translator wouldn't be bringing a "new" game to light.

    That said, I'd love to see a completed translation. Just think, one person could translate a console's entire unlocalized library in one fell swoop!

    I think it'd be totally possible to study the US and Japanese releases of the SNES game, figure out how the script was changed, and then graft that onto the 32X game without actually needing a translator. I also think the same could be done for the Nobunaga game that was localized on the SNES (as Lord of Darkness), but not on the Mega Drive (where it's only available in Japanese).

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    I would love to play RoK IV on the 32x if it doesn't have the SNES slowdown and the loading times of the Saturn/PS1 ports.

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