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Thread: Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

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    I've a soft spot for this game as it's a rare instance of straight up NES platforming on a 16 bit system. Platforming altered so much in the 16 bit transition that I can forgive a few faults (apparently quite a few) when presented with a dinosaur such as this. I also enjoy that there's no warm-up first lv, that traditional to 16 bit cakewalk first lv handed the player for amassing lives and weapons. This game was clearly developed on outmoded models and with too little time/money, but I think is still quite playable so long as one's willing to be killed a few times more than usual figuring it out. I'd say it's also above avg for a franchise game, though titles like Aladdin and Alien 3 (awesome on two systems) may skew the evaluation.

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    I remember a friend and I playing this game a lot as kids and actually finishing it. I added it to my collection last year and wondered just how the hell we ever managed to get past the first bloody level let alone finish it back then! Indy loses health just by bumping his head on the ceiling when you jump and can't fall into a puddle of water without instantly dying, I mean how the hell did he survive all those adventures with such massive weaknesses?! Gotta say though I do like the music in this title.

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