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Thread: Hyperkin Inc Genesis "GN6" USB Controller

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    Default Hyperkin Inc Genesis "GN6" USB Controller

    I'm looking for a good joypad to play with my raspberry pi and this one has good feedback and is said to imitate quite well the beloved Megadrive 6 buttons pad.

    Has someone ever tested it and could (s)he give some feedback ?

    Does someone know where to get it in Europa (France if possible) with good price (to avoid big ship costs) ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is a nice game pad I purchased one two years ago to use on my PlayStation 3 and from time to time on my PC off of Amazon and I left a review "I do have a genuine Sega Genesis 6-Button MK-1653 gamepad and the feel is the same of this Hyperkin Genesis GN6 gamepad with only one difference being the conductive silicone rubber use inside is stiffer than the MK-1653. I wanted this GN6 gamepad to use on my PlayStation 3 to play the PSN Sonic games and a like and found it to work as if it made to. FYI on the button inputs are: A = square, B = triangle, C = cross, X = circle, Y = L1, Z = R1 the mode button on the Hyperkin GN6 is the select button for the PlayStation 3 and d-pad start button did as they are. I did find it took some pressure to work the buttons and that they were not as responsive as I would like them to be so I disassembled it and found an oily residue on the silicone rubber pads also the print board from manufacturing just took glass cleaner and a cotton towel fixed that problem and did make them more responsive. Than I also put a small piece of electrical tape just the size of the gap on the cord strain relief where case sits to take the play out of it. The construction of the GN6 inside is just about the same as the MK-1653.

    So yeah love this gamepad. Nothing better than mixing some Sega with your Sony. :-)" I also left the same review on Stone Age Gamer.

    I have no idea where to pick one up in France.... maybe hit some video game stores ask if they don't have it if they could get one and price it against other ways to obtain.

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    I picked one up on Amazon. Might want to try there. Great controller, especially for third party.

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    I don't have the USB version, but I have the Genesis one. There's a thread about it here with mixed responses.

    Mine worked great for a while, but at some point the D-pad membrane got punctured by the cross-shaped piece that locks the D-pad in place, so the 'down' direction was fucked up as a result. I ended up swapping out the membrane with that of another controller, but I haven't really used it since then.

    I guess it's a bit of a gamble, but you have to consider that if you want to use a Genesis controller over USB without using a converter, there likely aren't any better options.

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    I have some of the USB pads and several of the Genesis ones. They're great pads. They aren't identical to the original Sega 6 button pads, but they are as close as any clone has ever been to the original that I've used. The dpad and buttons are a little stiff when you first get them but they break in after a week of play and feel nice. Mine still feel a little stiffer than my original pads, and I don't expect them to last as long, but at the price they sell for they are a bargain.
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