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    As Sega was re-orientating itself after the demise of the Dreamcast they still produced a fair number of unusual games. Whereas games like Beach Spikers, Billy Hatcher, 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker, and Sega Soccer Slam may get mentioned once in a blue moon (and Crazy Taxi and Super Monkey Ball are well known), I don't think I've ever read a forum discussion or opinions on Virtua Quest. I have yet to refresh myself with Sega AM2's output but I will guess a 3D Action RPG was somewhat experimental for them at the time. (edit: I see on GiantBomb that TOSE Co. is credited with the development also, that makes sence)

    The following video is about as much as I've looked into the game, and besides the overly childish voice overs, Virtua Quest looks like it could be an interesting game universe and play style. Watching this just made me wish they'd made the game with a harder mature sci-fi aesthetic. I guess they were trying to introduce a new generation to the Virtua Fighter franchise while branching out the play style.

    Has anyone here played it? What are your thoughts?

    At around the 2 min mark is where the fighting premise is introduced
    "..that hunter's glove on your right arm? It isn't just for show, it's got martial arts programs on it!"

    Dang, Yuji Naka gets a Special Thanks, but no mention of Yu Suzuki (come to think of it, did he even create/design Virtua Fighter? or just produce it?)
    ending credits:

    full ending version with vocals:
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