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Thread: FS: Retro NES and Genesis games, Sega systems and other stuff (US)

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    Kiwi FS: Retro NES and Genesis games, Sega systems and other stuff (US)


    In my quest to climb out of a massive debt hole I landed myself in, I am selling some of my vintage games and stuff. All prices include shipping when shipping to any address in the lower 48 United States. International buyers, please ask me first so I can calculate a final price by going rates. If you want to order multiple items, I'll adjust the price accordingly so you will be effectively paying for shipping once.

    NES Games: (grab 'em all for $25)
    Dr. Mario ($8)
    Gyromite ($6)
    Jaws ($5)
    Star Tropics ($6, not sure if it still saves - it did years ago, but haven't touched it in a long time)
    Super Mario Bros. 2 ($8)
    Tiger Heli ($6)

    Genesis Games: (take 'em both for $13 shipped)
    Granada ($9, cartridge only, label is a bit torn up but game plays great)
    T2: The Arcade Game ($5, cartridge only)

    Systems: (none come with any cables, controllers, accessories or software unless indicated otherwise)
    Fixer-upper Nintendo Game Boy ($10, it plays alright but the screen has some missing lines)
    Sega Pico ($25, I don't have any software for it, not sure how well it works, but it does seem to power on)
    Red Nintendo 2DS ($40, works perfectly, holds a decent charge and comes with charger, but needs a stylus and a rubber cap for the circle pad)

    Other stuff:
    AMD 486DX4-100 8KB processor ($6)

    I am willing to combine items to cheapen shipping; in fact, I encourage it. (Again, I'll adjust the prices accordingly as quoted prices include shipping of the individual item.)
    I'm willing to negotiate on prices, but please be serious about your offer.

    PM me if interested.
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