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Thread: Sega Saturn had only 2 excellent titles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Armitage View Post
    Shining Force CD is in the top tier if for nothing other than that awesome museum battle. ^___^

    I would count the two Lunars has being top notch. There was also Dark Wizard (kind of a Shining Force/Master of Monsters (Genesis) hybrid except on steroids), The Secret of Monkey Island, Third World War (woefully underappreciated to the point of being unknown) and possibly Rise of the Dragon and Vay (depending on one's tastes).

    And a pretty fair number of good (although not great ) titles.

    Pretty impressive IMHO given the small US library compared to the Saturn and Dreamcast.
    oh god yes. this game is so unknown and it's like a 9.5/10 game. doesn't get much better in political strategy, simulation games.

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    Mystaria: Realms of Lore.
    Fighting Vipers.
    Shining the Holy Ark.
    Soviet Strike (also on other systems).

    Those four ate up so much of my time on the Saturn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moirai View Post
    Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, an excellent gem, street fighter zero 3..

    Last gladiators pinball
    Best version of Tempest 2000!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bultje112 View Post
    oh god yes. this game is so unknown and it's like a 9.5/10 game. doesn't get much better in political strategy, simulation games.
    Spot on, its one of the best made and deepest sims made in that era the game was and still is incredible.

    Also I'm still amazed at how people think either the Jag or Saturn version of Tempest are good games. Found them to be super overrated myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Best version of Tempest 2000!
    I tend to favour the Jaguar for two reasons:

    1) It was the version which Minter wrote based around the capabilities of the Jaguar, such as particle effects, which heavily influence the design and aesthetics. They're present in the Saturn adaptation to a degree, but the artist's vision was influenced directly by his tooling.
    2) Rotary controller support.

    Both are better than the PS version with the shaded well though.

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