Hello, all.

I have a complete copy of that atrocious wreck DIVINE SEALING here in the office, for some reason. Everything -- box, book, cartridge -- is in good condition, ready to be placed on your shelf and never played.
Those rip-off skunks on eBay generally want 100+ of your hard earned shekels for this abomination, but I'll let it go for a cool USD$70. (Which is only a slight rip-off.)
That price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA. To ship it anywhere internationally I'd need another USD$16, so USD$86 total. (You'll be saying "86 me" after playing it.)

Here's the thing though: This game sucks. Don't buy it because you're looking for something fun to play on your Genesis or Mega Drive, because you'll be sorely disappointed. And don't buy it as an example of "video games as art," because the art sucks, too. In fact, I really don't recommend that you buy it at all.

But if my best efforts to dissuade you from purchasing this have failed, contact me here on the forum via private message if you'd like to waste your money. I won't be replying to this thread directly, because I already feel bad enough just for mentioning the game here. So send a PM. OK?


Note: No offense to anyone who actually likes the game. And no offense to collectors, either. This game is actually highly collectible. Or so I'm told. I just enjoy being goofy. And if the game doesn't sell, I'll enjoy chucking it into the dumpster.

Have a nice day.