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Thread: Well, I got my new GG...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xelement5x View Post
    Yeah, really a well implemented FPGA system for the GameGear would probably be the best long term solution. Bonus points if they made it like the Switch so it normally had a screen, and then had like a docked mode where you could use Genesis/MD controller and output to the TV.
    Given that by design the GG hardware supports Controller 1 and (for SMS) 2, and generates RGB, it's certainly not much work to manifest support for them (plus appropriate connectors) in a workalike, in theory. It's already there, in the device design (and hence the according mods). Supporting Genesis controller input which includes the Start button requires a deviation from the reference design, since the Genesis controller muxes its inputs, and GG/SMS don't. But it's not like that can't be managed simply enough, system-side.

    What I'd be interested in is whether you could easily fake a second GG for Gear-to-Gear play via EXT in games which can be played on a single screen without playability issues. I mean, presumably. But I don't know how well understood the Gear-to-Gear connection/functionality is. I'd love to learn.

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    Someone needs to make their own version of that European all-in-1 board. I just bought a link cable port to Genesis controller cable for player 2, not that I expect to ever get to use it. :P
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    everyone knows nintendo is far way cooler than sega just face it nintendo has more better games and originals

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