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Thread: Best version of Dune 2?

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    Default Best version of Dune 2?

    So, Dune RTS game that is known on PC DOS as Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty also recieved a port on Sega Genesis later on as Dune: The Battle for Arrakis, while bringing few big changes, such as cutting out cutscenes, changing music and redoing in-game graphics. And different controls of course. (Protip: you can use keyboard hotkeys in PC version, so it's not as bad as you might think on the first try)

    I have been deciding on which version I should beat and I have only ever tried first missions in both versions. I am most curious to know about any big gameplay differences between these two and which one is more fun to play. So, which one of these two is overall superior and more enjoyable?
    Haven't found any such topic on Internet, so throught of making it here.

    Of course there is also Amiga version, but it appears to be same as PC DOS. Only inferior.
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    Amiga version has less colours and 1 piece of music that plays through the entire game. It's worth owning if it's 1993 and you have an Amiga and not a PC.

    So, out of the two versions that matter... my vote is DOS. The Genesis port is excellent for the time, but no mouse support? Shame. You can't go wrong with either version really but if I had to pick i'd pick DOS.

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    DOS version with MT-32 music would be a nice game to play, personally I found it a bit hard to get into.. whatwith being so used to Dune2000/C&C

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    I've only tried the DOS version, but it was decent.

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    MD for sure.
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    If you'd prefer a version of the game that has worse graphics, worse sound, no cutscenes, no ability to save, no mouse support and a worse interface, then the Sega version is the obvious choice. The Sega version of the game made sense back when a PC would probably have cost a fortune, but today I can't see the point in playing the console version if you can play the original.

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