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Thread: History of VROOM (1986-1995) from Lankhor

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    YouTube History of VROOM (1986-1995) from Lankhor

    A documentary on "Vroom", the video racing game masterpiece from Lankhor, with the creator "Daniel Macré".
    Subtitles available in English & Japanese.

    Not as in-depth as I'd have wished for, but it's still an amazing piece of game history IMO.
    Surely one of the most impressive game engines of the 4th gen and it's really nice to have an idea of how it was accomplished.

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    Ah, nice find. I really enjoy Vroom, or at least F1 and Kawasaki Superbike on the MD. This goes into the "to watch" pile.
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    Nice video! I didn't know Kawasaki Superbike was based on F1, or that F1 was based on an Atari ST game even. The graphics and sense of speed in the game are truly great. It doesn't seem like it has the stereo sound going higher or lower as you approach or get farther away other cars like in Super Monaco GP though. That made so much for the atmosphere when playing the latter.
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