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Thread: College Football's National Championship

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    Puyo College Football's National Championship

    Anxious for football season to start? Here's one game you might want to go back and check out. It was one of the BlueSky's better football games and the last one to use the fabled Sports Talk feature. The NFL may be weeks away, but there's some solid college football action available on the Genesis, so give it a tackle. Read the full review for more details.

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    Good review, I agree that this is a solid college game. In my opinion, the only reason to play this over NFL 94 is the four-player mode. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since I have found three other people that want to play it (or any Genesis game).

    The only gameplay that National has over NFL 94 is the option play and two-point conversions. But then, NFL 94 has option-route passing and individual star players. National also only allows you to throw one type of ball, something between a bullet and a lob. Personally, I prefer the way NFL 94 calls plays, too. National does have an improved version of cursor passing but it's still not as good as the default passing mode in either game.

    I'm not sure why they added the heavy menu for changing camera views in National. NFL 94 has a quick & simple method that allows you to switch cameras without having to scroll through a menu.
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