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Thread: Help!!! my Sega CD model 1 doesn't power on

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    Sega CD Help!!! my Sega CD model 1 doesn't power on

    Just took my Sega CD out of storage and it's not powering on. The Genesis and 32X all function with it attached, but no Sega CD.

    I've never used incorrect polarity AC adapter but I went ahead and bridged the fuse since everyone says to check it first. I also checked the boards for bulging/leaking caps but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. With the AC adapter attached, I'm measuring 9V at the jack. I'm using 3-in-1 AC adapter, so it's 9V. I also tried official 10V adapter, nothing.

    Bridged F1 fuse
    Bridged TR4
    Tested 9V at jack

    Anything else I can check?

    EDIT: Found leaky cap (C43) on power board, under main board. Went ahead and unabridged F1 fuse and TR4.
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