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Thread: Limited Run #82: Ys Origin (PS4) Unlimited Pre-order for 24 hours Friday, August 25th

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    Default DEAD DEAL: Limited Run #82: Ys Origin (PS4) Unlimited Pre-order August 25th

    **DEAD DEAL. The 24 hour window has closed.**

    I know this is not strictly 8-bit or 16-bit but it's a prequel to the original Y's the Vanished Omens and it's got me excited.

    This Friday August 25th we can ALL pre-order the PS4 and Vita physical release of Ys Origin. Limited Run Games will take all pre-orders in a 24 hour Window. So long as you can get on the Internet this Friday you will be able to get a copy.

    $30 USD for PS4 or Vita regular Edition.

    ----Limited Run Games Ys Origin----

    This Friday is Fantasy Friday!!

    Two Japanese RPGs join the Limited Run Games Collection this Friday in an event we're calling Fantasy Friday. First up is Falcom and DotEmu's Ys Origin - a prequel story to the long-running and beloved Ys series of games. Alongside Ys, we'll have Asdivine Hearts from Kemco - a Japanese game developer and publisher that has been releasing home console games since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System!

    We've heard your feedback after Wonder Boy and Night Trap and for the first time since our Skullgirls run in 2015 - Ys Origin will be sold as a preorder and be manufactured to demand. The Collector's Edition will be limited to just 3,000 copies per platform, but the standard edition will be open to order for a full 24-hour window. After 24 hours pass, orders will close.

    Asdivine Hearts will follow our traditional model, with only 3,800 copies available per platform.

    The games will go live at 10 AM Eastern Time on Friday, August 25th. A second batch will be available later in the day at 6 PM Eastern Time. Please refer to the links below to add these times to your calendar of choice.

    Ys Origins PS4.jpg

    ----Limited Run Games Ys Origin----
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    Thanks for posting this, I am definitely going to pre order a copy. Personally I think the pre order for 24 hours is the way to go to guage how much should be printed on all of the titles in general.

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