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Thread: Games Sale: Mega-CD, Sega CD, Saturn, PC-Engine, PS1

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    Default Games Sale: Mega-CD, Sega CD, Saturn, PC-Engine, PS1

    Here's a preliminary listing of the next batch of games I'm putting up for sale.
    Make an offer. No reasonable offers will be refused.
    All games are complete (minus spine and registration cards) and in good to very good condition.
    Specific photos available upon request (I'll upload group photos soon)
    Any questions, please ask.
    Located in the USA, International shipping is available.

    Playstation US
    Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn
    Codename Tenka

    94 Batlefield Tokyo Dome Wrestling (requires arcade card)
    Blood Gear
    Horror Story

    Saturn JPN
    Bulk Slash (sealed, brand new)
    Hansha De Spark! (sealed, brand new)
    Prisoner of Ice (sealed, brand new)
    Spot Goes to Hollywood
    Virtua Fighter Kids
    WakuWaku PuyoPuyo Dungeon
    Madoh Monogatoari
    Mr Bones
    Seabass Fishing 2
    Last Bronx
    CG Portrait Series Sarah Bryant
    CG Portrait Series Pai Chan
    CG Portrait Series Lau Chan
    Tama Adventurous Ball in Giddy Labyrinth
    Side Pocket 3
    Hanagumi Taisen Columns
    Bushidohretsuden (Samurai Shodown RPG)
    Layer Section II (manual cover sun-faded)
    Dark Savior
    Command & Conquer

    Saturn US
    High Velocity (sealed, brand new)
    Mass Destruction

    Mega CD (JPN)
    WWF Rage In The Cage
    Heavenly Symphony
    Lunar Eternal Blue (includes map and mini-disc)
    Capcom Quiz Scramble Special
    Urusei Yatsura ~Dear My Friends~
    The Third World War

    Sega CD (US)
    Third World War (case hinges missing)
    Pitfall The Mayan Adventure
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    sent a pm for a few items.

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