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Thread: Massive Saturn sale US buyers only (prices updated and will consider best offers)

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    Default Massive Saturn sale US buyers only (prices updated and will consider best offers)

    Everything in these pics is for sale unless marked as sold in the list. Contractors start work on my apartment on the 10th. I have to have everything in my game room boxed up and put into closets or moved to my bedroom until the work is done Some stuff going into the closets wont be coming back out for quite some time as I plan to change what is going on in the gameroom. Basically need to start boxing up stuff by the 4th or so. Am slowly starting to move items to ebay over the next couple of days due to that. If you are wanting something, this is the time to grab it.

    Paypal only. I do not accept gift payments. You will have to list in the note section what games the payments are for. If this info is missing I will have to refund the payment. Prices do not include shipping. May consider best offers. You have nothing to lose by asking. As long as its not low ball I will consider it.

    Golden Axe The Duel $16
    Virtual On $6
    Fire Pro Wrestling $9
    All Japan Pro Wrestling $9
    Marvel Super Heroes $24 SOLD
    Falcom Classis II $12
    Battle Monsters $12
    Groove On Fight $32 (manual has a lot of wear) SOLD
    Vampire Saviour cib with ram cart $30
    Ultraman CIB with ram cart $13 SOLD
    Toshenden URA $6
    Cyberbots $24
    X-Men COTA $14
    X-Men vs SF $17 (disc and manual) SOLD
    Sf Zero $11
    SF Zero 2 $11
    D $6
    Clockwork Knight $9 SOLD
    Shinobi $32 SOLD
    Steamgear Mash $12
    Assault Suit Leynos 2 $25
    Henry Explorers $12 SOLD
    Virtua Cop 2 $5 SOLD
    Biohazard $12 SOLD
    Story of Thor $ 8 SOLD
    Dracula X $110 SOLD
    Bubble Bobble $10
    Macross $12 SOLD
    Darius Gaiden $28 SOLD
    Thunderforce V $55
    Galaxy Force II $26
    Twin Bee Deluxe Pack $18 SOLD
    Parodius Deluxe Pack $29 SOLD
    Capcom Generations 3 $18
    Darius II $30 SOLD
    Panzer Dragoon $13
    Strikers 1945 $30
    Panzer Dragoon II $13
    Donpachi $40
    Salamander Deluxe Pack $65
    Layer Section II $35 SOLD
    Gradius Deluxe Pack $40 (has about everything included I think, per the pic) SOLD
    Blazing tornado $6
    Space Harrier $15
    Lunar Silver Star $6 SOLD
    Shining Wisdom $5 SOLD
    Puzzle Bobble 3 $13 SOLD
    Falcom Classics 1 (re-release edition) $13
    Outrun (first pressing, only works with versions of the Saturn with dedicated M68000 processors) $34
    Gale Racer $9 SOLD
    Sega Touring Car $5
    Sega Rally $5 SOLD
    Falcom Classics $13
    Fighting Vipers $6
    Virtua Fighter 2 $6
    Virtua Fighter $6
    Dungeons & Dragons Collection $75 SOLD
    Guardian Heroes $26 SOLD
    Dynamite Deka $14
    Fighters megamix $8 SOLD
    Dead or Alive $7
    Last Bronx $8
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    Could not attach all the pics in the OP. Here is the last pic.

    2017-12-22 15.38.00.jpg
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    Do you have a CIB copy of Japanese Grandia for sale? Standard edition, by any chance?

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    PM sent to you Michael Helgeson for a bunch of JP Sat games. Note sure you received it though, strange forum behavior.
    Or am I already too late and those went to ebay ?

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