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Thread: Saturn Shinobi Soundtracks - NTSC vs PAL

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    Control-wise, Shin Shinobi Den is about as good as the series got - pogo-jumping notwithstanding. Lots of cool moves. But hey, off topic! Shinobi-X's soundtrack by Richard Jacques easily takes the cake for me. While there are one or two tracks I really like in Shin, the OST on the whole is lacking and forgettable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wesker View Post
    If you think that was impressive, take at look at both the memory constraints and tight schedule he had to deal with.

    G: What was the first game that you composed on the Saturn?
    R: Shinobi X on the Saturn. What happened was that they had done the Japanese version and the producer in Sega Europe said that he didn't like the music and he wanted to change it. So he played it for me and said 'Can you redo the music for this?', the only difficult thing was it was all done on the sound chip instead of CD. And I only had 2 weeks to do the whole game that consisted of about 20 tunes. I only had about 200K of memory to play with as well.
    That's extremely impressive. He did an amazing job, it's definitely one of the best YMF292 soundtracks I've heard.
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