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Thread: Sega CD Audio Popping Noise

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    I have access to an oscilloscope at work, but I'm not sure where the leads go and the instructions usually skip over that part. Do they attach to the laser?

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    Iím not certain youíll get very far with an oscilloscope. Things I would try

    -check if laser changes angle when going up and down the rail while reading
    (Donít think youíll have this problem, but it will be good if you eliminate the assembly as a possibility)
    -clean and reseat all connects including ribbon cables, check for continuity (while powered off)
    -clean laser lense
    -check and clean/degrease gears
    -try another power supply, check for leaking capacitor
    -try another Sega to isolate issue to the scd
    -burn a fresh copy of silpheed and use the last music track to calibrate pots on scd
    (A poorly calibrated laser will have a hard time reading scratched discs
    -buy a new laser, and donít mess with the pots on it at all
    -buy a new spindle motor
    -recap scd

    Iím beginning to doubt itís a matter of your calibration, but rather something else you wouldnít expect.

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