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Thread: Sony CXA1145M Encoder (SMD SOP package version)

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    Genesis Sony CXA1145M Encoder (SMD SOP package version)

    Hi all,

    I've got a good, working Sony CXA1145M encoder that I don't have a need for at the moment. (I actually have several of these in stock, I just don't need another floating around my room.) I'm migrating the encoders in my Genesis systems from '1145Ms to Fujitsu MB3514s. I've taken great care in removing this chip without damaging it, and I've cleaned and straightened the pins afterward; it's 100% ready to go in a Model 2 Genesis.

    Note that this is the SOP package version for the Model 2 Genesis; if you're looking for an encoder for the Model 1 Genesis and Master System, you'll need the DIP package version, the CXA1145P. I don't have any spares of that in stock atm.

    I'm asking $5 USD shipped in the United States. International postage may cost a bit more.
    If you're looking to buy more than just one, I've got three more I'll be willing to part with, add $1.25 USD per additional chip.

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