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Thread: Random special effects pics

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    Well with vblank you only get 1 per frame, if you want to change palette between scanlines you want a hblank. And yeah, it would be possible, but then you'd need to take care that the area you are colouring is not sharing palettes with anything any sprites, or else the sprites will change color too.

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    The biggest problem with palette swaps are the CRAM dots that show up if you're changing beyond a few colors per line. In those examples from Sub-Terrania, only a few colors are swapped, and only 1-2 colors per line if I recall correctly.

    If you want to do a beam effect that changes an entire palette's worth of color (or more), you're going to get CRAM dots unless you do something clever. If the background is simple and you only need to swap a few colors to create the beam effect, then it's not as big a concern.

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    What with the Euro about to be kicking off. I was playing the Amiga and Soccer kid. Sadly, I've long since got rid of my old Amiga 600 and playing on emu.
    But I was impressed with the scaling on the ship and the scaling and rotation effect used on the football in the intro (0:26)

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