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Thread: Wanted: VA2 Model 2 Genesis

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    Genesis Wanted: VA2 Model 2 Genesis

    Hi, I'm currently looking to buy a working VA2 revision Model 2 Sega Genesis (the one with discrete YM2612 and the weird little circuit board floating in the middle, with wires running to the cartridge slot). These are my favoritest Model 2s in the whole wide world. I don't care if it's got problems like a broken reset switch or DC jack, or if it has the yucky KA2195D encoder. I already got a bunch of VA2.3s, they're okay but I'd rather have the VA2 tbh.

    Please PM me if you've got a spare VA2 you don't need. Alternatively, if you're looking for a healthy VA3 Model 2 I can trade one that I've recently fixed up for a VA2. (CXA1645M encoder, new clicky reset switch, A/V jack and cartridge slot cleaned with DeoxIT-D5, mostly recapped.)
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