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Thread: Deletion of 'Groups'

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    Default Deletion of 'Groups'

    I feel the groups section should be entirely deleted because of low activity, and the fact that it is redundant since we discuss nearly all the same things in other forums, not to mention that we now cover every SEGA classic system. The relevant threads should be moved to their appropriate forums if possible, and the groups section removed.

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    Just to make it clear, do you refer to this?

    That comes with the forum software, I doubt it's easy to delete =P

    Also history lesson: groups are made to be handled by normal users (not staff), it's so groups of friends or people working together in a project, etc. can somewhat organize it if they decide to work over the forum (antiquated idea by now, I know, but it used to be the case a decade ago when IM programs sucked at group chats). Also some forums use it as an anti-spam feature (by requiring real users to explicitly join an "users" group so they can be granted posting permissions, spambots never bother to do that).

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