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    Default MD Plug and Play Content

    What are some third party developer games that you believe should be part of a Plug and Play Genesis consoles (similar to Atgames)

    Must haves, that would make up for not having first or second party games included?

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    Technosoft, but that's not going to work because their IPs were acquired by Sega.

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    EA games seem to me very popular, especially in NA. Westone games were awesome, although I don't know if they're actually totally 3rd party. Midway and Capcom would be nice, because it'd mean SF and MK. Virgin and Shiny also have good ones.
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    Once in a month or so I organize a little MD party with my friends (and their friends too) using the Everdrive MD and this is what usually people play the most/ask for the most/enjoy the most that's not first or second party; I'm also trying to exclude troublesome licenses, Disney, Factor 5, Konami, Namco, developed by EA and Capcom for good measure; and the stuff which is under Sega's belt on Steam; all 2P (or more):
    - Aero Blasters
    - Battletoads & Double Dragon
    - Fatal Fury 2
    - Micro Machines: Turbo Tournament 96 (European exclusive)
    - Psycho Pinball (European exclusive)
    - Rock N' Roll Racing
    - Sensible Soccer
    - Side Pocket
    - Snow Bros. (Japanese exclusive)
    - Street Racer (European exclusive)
    - Two Crude Dudes
    - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    - Wani Wani World (Japanese exclusive)

    Other 2P games I recommend:
    - Blades of Vengeance
    - Skeleton Krew
    - Speedball 2 (avoid the US version; EU/JP is the one to go)
    - The Chaos Engine

    Solid shooters from which you should at least select at least four IMHO:
    - Battle Mania: Daiginjou (Japanese/Korean exclusive)
    - Darius II
    - Eliminate Down (Japanese exclusive)
    - Fire Shark
    - Granada
    - Gleylancer (Japanese exclusive)
    - Gynoug
    - Hellfire
    - Steel Empire
    - Sub-Terrania
    - Truxton
    - Twinkle Tale (Japanese exclusive)
    - Zero Wing (European/Japanese exclusive)

    Recognizable titles/standouts and/or mostly good 1P games but which would be nice to have there/to add value to your product/round the line-up:
    - Alisia Dragoon
    - Another World
    - El Viento
    - Flashback
    - Flink (European exclusive)
    - Mr. Nutz 2 (Unreleased European exclusive) (including because maybe you already own the rights)
    - Phantom 2040
    - Power Drive (European exclusive) (criminally underrated/forgotten)
    - Puggsy
    - Pulseman (Japanese exclusive)
    - Rainbow Islands Extra (Japanese exclusive)
    - Ranger X
    - Rolo to the Rescue
    - Second Samurai (European exclusive)
    - Tinhead (including because maybe you already own the rights)
    - Toki: Going Ape Spit
    - The New Zealand Story (Japanese exclusive) (brutal but looks cute)
    - Valis III
    - Ys III: Wanderers from Ys

    Some personal comments:
    • I strongly believe your highest priority should be good 2P co-op games.
    • At least a good/solid 1-on-1 fighting and a good/solid beat'em up is a must.
    • If you can get Taito and Data East games in the mix, you can still have some strong old school arcade line-up without having to pay for the heavy-hitters.
    • I think if you release region-exclusives now "worldwide" you can add a lot of value to it and raise a lot more awareness about your product. Especially if you include games which are expensive as fuck nowadays, such as Snow Bros., Rainbow Islands Extra, Twinkle Tale, Gleylancer, etc.
    • Mr Nutz 2 is already available as ROM in the Internet but it's actually a pretty solig game, farrrr better than the first one. Very long game also that most people didn't play yet. "Never released before!!!"-> adds value.
    • Phantom 2040 is Viacom, I know. I have no idea how expensive it would be to license it but it's another game which gets more and more expensive and it's a pretty solid game which is in a sub-genre the MD library is weak.
    • People love platformers too, it's identified with the 16-bit days a lot, so have as much as not super bad ones as you can.
    • Avoid super hard/games with super complex controls unless it's Contra or something.

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    Awesome list!

    I have my lineup of carts for when people come over for Sega night, I primarily begin with my 4 player games first, then 2 player, and finally the 1 player showcase games. When I get around to it Iíll post my list as these are tried and true party games at least from my limited collection. Iím so glad you posted this as Iím always on the hunt for epic 2 player games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barone View Post
    - The New Zealand Story (Japanese exclusive) (brutal but looks cute)
    I second this, I love this game, maybe because it was the first full price game I acquired on my spectrum. But I think it's a solid platformer. I was disappointed to find out was Japanese only release when I started collecting for my megadrive.

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    A quick bump.....

    Are Plug and Plays Dead/Saturated Market now?

    What do you all think?

    I am planning on working on my own Plug and play with cartridge slot for the Mega Drive/Genesis.

    I want to do two versions. First a "budget" one, something solid, but hardware based (no special features like save states etc, simple UI, etc). Later do an emulation version.

    My take is to really capture the essence of the original Sega Genesis/MD console.

    Games built in will be commercial quality, from officially released, to new ports and original unlicensed ones. The amounts of games would be lower compared to other Plug and plays, because I want to stay away from bloatware and mini games.

    We want to do about 25-30 games for the "budget" one and if it is successful and we can do a follow up, do anywhere from 35-45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikointeractive View Post
    ... a "budget" one, something solid, but hardware based (no special features like save states etc, simple UI, etc).
    1.) Have the unit double as a cartridge for use in other MD/G consoles. Include a switching circuit or cutting point to isolate the GOAC when another console is used.

    2.) DON'T BOTCH THE AUDIO MIXING CIRCUIT! Use one of the quality, cost-effective designs exhibited in the 'Tech Aid' section of this forum.

    3.) Include diagnostic software: test patterns, RAM+CPU+I/O checks, FM/PSG tone scale, etc.

    4.) After the hardware is finalized, come up with ~5 names for this collection and hold a public vote. It could spur further interest.

    5.) See #2.

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