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Thread: Best find you have had at a thrift store.

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    Default Best find you have had at a thrift store.

    What is the best thing you have found at a thrift store - gaming or otherwise?

    I found a pair of these bad boys at a thrift store a couple of years ago:

    resize (1).jpeg bozak.jpg

    They are a pair of Bozack B-4000 speakers - the cabinet dimensions are 44" x 28" x 16".

    I am going to have to rebuild or replace the crossovers before I use them.

    (These were made in four different styles of cabinets - mine are like the first picture.)
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    I used to be able to get lots of good games, but the thrift stores around my area are usually hit pretty hard by eBay resellers now.

    I've found plenty of odd stuff before though.

    My favorite was an old lab centrifuge that I bought. I didn't really do anything with it though and eventually just sent it to another thrift store while getting rid of junk.

    I also bought one of those big reflector telescopes for around $8 and got some cool views of planets, the moon, and the ISS.
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    Probably a brand new original Xbox for $8 and Mischief Makers for $1 and a CIB and pristine copy of Ridge Racer R4 for $3. Now that thrift store closed and the others are now hit by resellers. Resellers are cunts.

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    I found copies of the Genesis ports of Virtua Racing (with case, but no manual) and Frogger (loose) at a thrift store once, both in very good condition.

    I have considered getting the manual to Virtua Racing to make it CIB. The case even still has its hang tab.
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    I dunno... itís a toss-up between Ogre Battle 64 at Goodwill for $3, or a stack of SNES games (including Dracula X, Mario RPG, and Mega Man X) for $4 each.


    I forgot... I also found a GameBoy Micro at another thrift shop for $3. I think they thought it was a cell phone.

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    Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick for $5 from Goodwill. They usually sell for @$50 to $100.

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    I found my copy of Streets of Rage 3 CIB and in mint condition at a second hand games shop, and paid £11.99 for it! This was back in 1999 but still... I also paid £10 for my mint condition copy of The Terminator on Mega CD back in 2003. It sells for a lot more than that these days!

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    I've been going to thrift stores almost everyday for 20 years, the last few combing through the mountains of stuff at the Good Will Outlet. They push it out all day long and charge buy the pound. It's how I make my living so this doesn't really count....

    It could have been the WWII era Curtis P-40 employee desk model, Bose 901's amazing with surrounds in nice shape, gold fillings (gross but it's freaking gold), Beovox 5000's, an original Fuzzface, a Prince Albert tin with a $190 in it which I didn't find out it had anything in it till several days later. Honestly I don't know. I usually have to sell that stuff to but food and pay bills.

    I haven't much for video games in years. A few model 2 Nes in the last two years and that's it.

    I have a friend there who sells vintage clothes and finds insane things. He sold some 20's prison pants he found there and made something like $2000.

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    My two best finds were the Sears Super Video Arcade (Sears branded Intellivision) that I picked up for $2 in pretty decent shape. I eventually had to replace the mainboard in it a few years later due to issues with games just not working anymore but that Sears unit is still the main Intellivision I use when I want to play Intellivision games.

    But I think my best pickup at a thrift ever, is my Roland LAPC-I that I got for a cool $10 back in the early 2000's. If you don't know what that is, it is basically an internal version of the well known Roland MT-32 but unlike the MT-32 it has the MPU-401 controller and MT-32 sound module stuff all on a single but full size ISA card. I still have it installed in an old DOS gaming computer I built about 15 years ago.

    I honestly haven't visited any thrift stores or even the local goodwill's in quite some time. So those are likely to be the best items I ever find going forward.

    It wasn't mentioned...but I also picked up my first full upright arcade cabinet from the local flea market back in like 2005 for $50. I still have the arcade cab and is a Sega game.... Frogger...

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    There are so many, its hard to compare.
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