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Thread: Genesis Games.... So Bad... That They're Good?

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    Whether you consider it bad or not depends on your tolerance for its awfully high difficulty.

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    I like Atomic Robo-kid! It's challenging, sometimes frustrating, but I don't think it's too demanding in terms of raw reflexes or memorization -- you just have to be methodical, patient, and accurate. I was able to beat it on all difficulties in under 10 hours. The one-on-one battles can be a bear, though.

    It definitely doesn't strike me as a "so bad it's good" game. It's a fairly polished port.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderblaze16 View Post
    Surprised no one mentioned Heavy Nova yet.

    This game does something unique, something I've personally never seen in another game before. The Opening lies to you.

    Seriously, this game tricks you with it's opening taken place in space, fast scrolling around to a giant space ship as meteors slowly past by, creating this in depth atmosphere of something big going on. The hatches open and the music kicks in to reveal this giant, serious, badass looking robot who then takes a step out and shows it's ready to take on anyone. THE MUSIC ENDS ON LOUD EPIC TONE WITH THE TITLE APPEARING, 'HEAVY NOVA!!!'

    Start the game and right away you notice the controls are clunky as fuck and the game itself is an overall disappointment.

    But that intro man...it's pretty good.
    Heavy Nova is the most misunderstood Genesis game I've ever played. People either love it or hate it (mostly hate). I on the other hand, love it for what it is: a strategically-based mech fighting game, where timing and position is key to winning the fights and passing the obstacle courses. I think the reason why it's been dragged around as a terrible game, is because people expect it to play like the typical 1 on 1 fighter (i.e., SF, MK, ...). Now Blackhole Assault....that one deserves to be ragged on for how terrible it is, yet somehow I still own it in my collection.

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