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Thread: Newby questions about the saturn and 50hz/60hz games

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    Default Newby questions about the saturn and 50hz/60hz games

    I live in Europe where we are blessed with fine RGB quality but 50hz games.

    I might get a PAL saturn but having modded to run games at 60hz (or 50hz if I choose to). I care not for US or japanese games for I have been there before. I would like to have some PAL games but running better.

    I found out it is not so easy and some PAL games might actually have some issue if played at 60hz. I found some lists online but I remain confused. Which games (the most famous ones) are better at 50hz than at 60hz and why? Are some PAL games actually close enough to their NTSC counterparts?

    Also, what does it mean if a game is unoptimized or optimized in PAL?

    Thanks for any info on..well..any of this!

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    Few things to bare in mind,

    Fitting a 50/60 Hz Switch is not modding your console and you'll not be able to pay copies. No game is ever really better at 50 Hz, but there are some games that will only play at 50hz, Discworld II on the Saturn is one such game.
    Pal optimized can mean a number of things to be that the game been optimized to give a full-screen display or its been optimized to play it play as fast as an NTSC game (as close as) or sometimes both. I know from experience that Pal Virtual-ON, Pal Guardian Heroes, Pal Tomb Raider have huge issues when trying to run them at 60 Hz. The likes of Olympic Soccer, World Wide Football, Street Racer, Die Hard Arcade have issues (with parts of the display not fitting right or the game skipping every now and then) but you can still play them at 60 Hz.

    Just get a Saturn and have it fitted with a 50 and 60Hz switch, that way you'll have no issues.
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