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Thread: Replacing the input filter on a Mega CD2

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    Sega CD Replacing the input filter on a Mega CD2

    Looks like I can make threads now so here's my first one.
    I'm looking for comments (good and bad) on this small yet useful modification I did.

    The Mega CD2 power supply input is center tap negative, which is really bothering me. I repaired this for my brother who has a MD2.
    As you know the ps of a MD2 is not the same as the Mega CD2.
    Knowing my brother, he would have blown the shit out of the Mega CD2 one day or another, so I decided to fix this.

    Anyone know what this is and what I replaced ?
    If you said input filter and full bridge rectifier then you're correct.

    Here's the schematic before:

    And after (look at my paint skills) :

    The full bridge rectifier I used was one I had in my parts bin. I'm sure there are square ones that fit better than this upside down thing .

    So now my brother can plug in whatever ps he wants, as long as it a stable DC supply and at least 10VDC.
    I tried with 9VDC but there's too much voltage drop before the input of the 7805.

    I couldn't find anyone who's done this before when googling and I think it's pretty cool.

    I also have a two parts article with more pictures of my repair attempt on my github page pyroesp.github.com.
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