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Thread: SEGA-16. 2018 is about over. What's your GOTY's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orchid87 View Post
    This year was really poor for quality new releases IMO.
    We did get a physical copy of Sonic Mania Plus with new features and added characters.
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    Gamevet I would like to thank you for your nominee for GOTY. Edit2: Sorry Gamevet it's not you but Ubisoft that's got me all worked up.

    As it turns out I recently picked up FC5 Gold from the Uplay store on sale for use on Uplay BUT ran into an issue right off the bat of using a Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad not working also as it turns out this is an known issue far and wide since release and if I took the time to look (bc why would I not) I could have avoided the game at all cost now it looks like I will need to battle Ubisoft support to get a refund and FC5 taken off my account.

    Blindsided in the hopes of sitting down to be immersed in a new game by XInput compatibly issue of an AAA title in 2018?



    Edit: Yeah as you would expect I lost that battle.

    I am still stunned that a AAA game of 2018 is not compatible with all XInput gamepads but Xbox One and DualShock 4 and the Logitech F710 will only work as
    DirectInput which means no vibration feedback and as I experience a large amount of analog stick dead zone making it chore to put a bead on things and to further the madness Ubisoft support was hinting to me to use Xpadder for the dead zone.
    For a AAA game released in 2018?

    I also read that even for the ones that do except the above there are buttons that will not work when driving or piloting an aircraft.

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