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Thread: Happy 20th Birthday Sonic Adventure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SegaDreamcast View Post
    The musical score in Skies of Arcadia was excellent too, especially the Battle Themes! Maybe SEGA will eventually port over the Dreamcast original or the 'Legends' GameCube edition to the Switch.
    Yeah, that music score really grows on you. At first, it doesn't knock you sideways, like say Pazner Saga score does (instantly its Epic) but Skies music score really grows on you, the more you play it . I would love to see SEGA remake the game using the Canvas tech, they seem a perfect fit, more so given the Valkyria Chronicles team are made up of ex Skies staff. A Skies remake using the Canvas tech (which scales across all consoles very well) and re-addressing some the issues of battles (the frequencies of them) and loading times, with all the content in one package, would be really nice and if it sold well enough, may make SEGA look, at making a sequel.
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    Sonic Adventure is probably the best 3D Sonic game created yet, and it was Sonic Team's first attempt at it. I don't understand why they don't go back to this template and refine it.

    I loved this game from the moment I first saw screenshots in SSM#33. The game captures the essence of what the Mega Drive Sonic games were and expands on them in so many awesome ways. The game's scope is epic, with some fantastic set pieces, such as the whale-chase scene, the tornado destroying the ruins in Windy Valley, and so on. I loved many of the mini-games, such as the Tornado-chase scenes, and the story was suitably epic for a Sonic game. And the soundtrack... it's one of my all time favourite soundtracks to this day. It's so rockin' yet so varied at the same time, and suits the onscreen action really well. I'm glad they removed the Adventure fields for Adventure 2 because they slowed down the game's pace, but I never hated them. Perhaps in a potential sequel they could refine them. I've never been a fan of the Chao gardens in either game, although you were never forced to play them unless you wanted all the emblems. At least they refined them in SA2. I'd love to see a remake of the original Adventure. A great game to celebrate Sonic's 30th anniversary perhaps...

    I understand why people dislike Adventure 2: putting Tails in a mech, limiting Sonic's stages to only 6, and the treasure hunting stages are not great design choices. But the Sonic stages are truly awesome and much more refined, making for a thrilling gameplay experience. And the story is fantastic. I just wish they didn't keep bringing Shadow back for every new Sonic game because it cheapens his death at the end of this game.

    As for a Skies of Arcadia remake? Hell yeah! Just give us the high quality DC soundtrack rather than the extremely low quality buzzing "music" found in the Gamecube release. And less random battles, please.

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