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Thread: After Burner II / Space Harrier Shenmue II disc 4

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    Default After Burner II / Space Harrier Shenmue II disc 4

    Are there continues in these games on the Dreamcast ?
    I know in the 32x and Saturn versions there are continue points after so many levels, but I canít seem to trigger any on the Dreamcast ports.

    I have unlocked them in the main game and am playing from Shenmue II disc 4.

    If there is no continue option thatís asking a lot from the player to 1 cc these games isnít it ? Especially After Burner II. I understand for Hang On and Out Run as they are racers but the two shooters ?

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    I can't say for certain but I know I spent WAY too much time playing games within Shenmue, rather than playing Shenmue haha.

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