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Thread: "Rooftop" track of Demolition Man is cut early?

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    Default "Rooftop" track of Demolition Man is cut early?

    It looks like the Mega CD (or Sega CD, as it was released only in North America) version of Demolition Man has an issue with the "Rooftop" track, which only lasts about 25 seconds before it's abruptly stopped and restarted over. I always thought this was a problem with my CD of Demolition Man being scratchy/faulty and was looking for a replacement disc, but before that I looked to check if the issue is mirrored in YouTube playthroughs, and guess what, it seems it is:

    It starts happening in 3:02, then happens again in 3:30, then again in 3:58, and so on until the music changes in 5:13.

    My question is if there ever was any production batch that had the correct/fixed track or rather every single copy produced of the game is affected by this. If it's the latter, then I could rest assured with my copy and not performing what would probably be an useless search.
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    I had a similar issue when I was trying to find a version of the "game over" tune from Cobra Command/Thunder Storm FX that wasn't truncated. (In that particular case, bgvanbur was kind enough to look into it and confirm that it was authored with the hard cut.)

    I wish you luck and hope you find a solid answer!

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    Yeah, I remember playing this emulated years ago and assumed that it was a bad rip, but I never found a good rip. It's possible that there's a second pressing with fixed audio, but I wouldn't bet on it. No solid information though.

    I get the impression that the profit margins on Mega/Sega CD games, especially later ones, could be a bit thin. That this issue isn't really well known or talked about tends to suggest that the game didn't sell that well. Unless it sold really well it might not have been deemed profitable enough to strike a new master for a fixed reprint.

    Take the PAL version of Lawnmower Man as an example: when they accidentally authored the US version on PAL discs, they simply withdrew the game from sale and cancelled the release. They obviously decided that sales would be so low that it made more sense to cut their losses rather than spend money on manufacturing and distributing a fixed second pressing.

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