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Thread: Nvidia rarest cards Geforce FX PCIE

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    Default Nvidia rarest cards Geforce FX PCIE

    Some may not be interested but some of the rarest cards marketed were Nvidia PCX series using Geforce FX Directx 9 hardware. These are also out of the ordinary in that they were t#h##e# #o##nl#y cards to implement a AGP to PCIE bridged plug making them pci-express and compatible with the earliest pcie pcs. Was also MX4000 pcx variants without cooling fan. I'm gathering as much info as possible to list every known card and additional information since quite a few variants marketed but are extremely hard to find, and some may never have been marketed despite being finalized (like Half Life Gold on Dreamcast), and/or only existed as prototypes.

    Cool thing about these is they're compatible with Windows 98se/me (Windows 95 if you don't use Nvidia Control panel) and support 8-bit paletted textures (last cards to do so). Also, with Rivatuner it's possible to use the extremely high 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 antialiasing modes without distorting 2d tiles on games like "Biohazard" and "Final Fantasy 7 & 8" (this also resolves texel alignment issues without anti aliasing) which isn't normally supported. Cards can be under-clocked via coolbits to save electricity and keep game speed normal on speed dependent games like "Biohazard". Vesa and other D.O.S. video modes are very compatible with minimal problems as well (except for being too fast). These cards use power directly off the pcie slot despite the AGP equivalents requiring molex power source. Cards usually work fine on i7 intel pcs though some 4x pcie slots might have initialization problems on certain systems. Users can install 1gb system ram with manually adjusted vcache in Windows 9x to resolve compatibility on 64-bit i7 Intel and AMD systems (2gb may work if stuck with ddr4 ram but only after limiting maxphyspage to about 1-1.5gb in addition to manual vcache adjustment during Windows 9x/ME install).

    This is a W.I.P. thread and will receive pictures and updates at random.

    All known catalogued cards:

    Albatron PC5750 GeForce PCX PC5750Q GeForce 5750
    Albatron PC5750Q GeForce PCX PC5750 GeForce 5750
    Albatron PC5900 GeForce PCX PC5900 GeForce 5900
    APOLLO PCX5900 GeForce 128MB 256-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card
    AOpen 91.05210.35A Aeolus PCX5900-DV128 GeForce PCX 5900
    AOpen 91.05210.36M Aeolus PCX5750-DV128 GeForce PCX 5750
    Asus Extreme EN5900/TVD (Geforce PCX 5900 128mb)
    Axle PCX 5900 128mb
    Chaintech SE5300 GeForce?PCX5300, 128MB DDR SDRAM GeForce PCX5300
    Chaintech SE5750 GeForce?PCX5750, 128/256MB DDR SDRAM GeForce PCX5750
    Chaintech SE5900 GeForce?PCX5900, 128MB DDR SDRAM GeForce PCX5900
    Club3D GF PCX 5900 128mb
    Colorful Tech. 风行PCX5900 128mb
    ENNYAH Technologies Corp. F10VGA025001 GeForce PCX 5900,128MB DDR GeForce PCX 5900
    ENNYAH Technologies Corp. F10VGA023001 GeForce PCX 5750,128MB DDR GeForce PCX 5750
    ENNYAH Technologies Corp. F10VGA022001 GeForce PCX 5300,128MB DDR GeForce PCX 5300
    GAINWARD V595DT6176 GeForce PCX5900 128MB 256-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card
    Gigabyte GV-NX57128D(P) GeForce PCX 5750
    Gigabyte GV-NX59128D(P) GeForce PCX 5900
    GIGABYTE GV NX59128D GeForce PCX5900 128MB 256-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card
    InnoVISION Multimedia Limited I-PCX5900-F3F3S Inno3D GeForce PCX5900 PCI Express w/128MB DDR (128Bits)+DVI+TV Out GeForce PCX5900
    InnoVISION Multimedia Limited I-PCX5750-G3F3S Inno3D GeForce PCX5750 PCI Express w/256MB DDR (128Bits)+DVI+TV Out GeForce PCX5750
    InnoVISION Multimedia Limited I-PCX5750-F3F3S Inno3D GeForce PCX5750 PCI Express w/128MB DDR (128Bits)+DVI+TV Out GeForce PCX5750
    ​LEADTEK WINFAST PX350 TDH GeForce PCX5900 128MB 256-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card
    Point of View GeForce PCX 5750 GeForce 5750
    Point of View GeForce PCX 5900 GeForce 5900
    Prolink PV-N39E(128KD) PixelView GeForce PCX 5750 GeForce 5750
    Prolink PV-N39E(256KD) PixelView GeForce PCX 5750 GeForce 5750
    Prolink PV-N38E(128JD) PixelView GeForce PCX 5900 GeForce 5900
    Rainbow "popular PCX 5900" pic from colorful.com http://arch.pconline.com.cn/diy/diy_...09/448399.html
    Suma PCX 128mb 5900 지포스 PCX 5900 (Korean)
    XFX (Pine) PVT39KNA GeForce PCX 5750 128MB DDR TV & DVI GeForce 5750
    XFX (Pine) PVT35PNC GeForce PCX 5900 128MB DDR VIVO & DVI GeForce 5900
    XFX (Pine) PV-T39K-U XFX PCX 5750 256MB DDR PCX 5750

    Unknown (unreleased or unfinalized-prototype). Quite a few from CeBIT 2004 about March:

    2004-06 year Reference Sample with BR02-A2 HSI bridge chip. Korean link with pics, info and google translate https://translate.google.com/transla...47&prev=search

    MSI card possibly never marketed (shows as 5950 with 128 or 256 mb ram). Notice the dual DVI ports don't coincide with any pcx5900 or the reference sample. Card was shown about March 2004 CeBit Editorial. This site lists it as MicroStar PCX5950-VTD 128MB, PCI-E https://www.czc.cz/microstar-pcx5950...va96n24a7t1057

    Leadtek Winfast PX380 CeBIT demo. Similar oddity in that it has dual DVI and no dsub. Leadtek only marketed the PX350 it seems which has text on rim of heatsink and no sticker; but this PX380 does have sticker on heatsink. Names of marketed cards stem to this PX380 but not the 350 which is also odd (model number doesn't increment with PX350 which is ironically more odd since the PX350 was catalogued).

    Different reference sample, fake, or modified marketed product? Dsub location reciprocates reference model, and center on top has white FC CE printing. Pic courtesy of videocardz.net.

    Possibly fake but considering this pic is from ixbtlabs.com it could be a real prototype. Also, bodnara.co.kr reference card link from above previously, mentions HSI bridge chip being in back of card. Has molex power plug at right edge of card side towards top, pci-express printing on right edge towards bottom, gpu only says Nvidia, odd memory placement, mini din plug between dsub and dvi plugs, 8 pin male header, two fan headers, and layout doesn't match reference model. IXBTLABS article with this pic dates 02-18-2004, and article mentions Nvidia PCX cards had just passed validation tests for system compatibility one week prior to this article. Pic in article shows Nvidia roadmap with PCX 5950 being fastest after 5750; 5900 is absent. Article is here http://ixbtlabs.com/news.html?02/69/68.

    Extension to Ixbtlabs.com article previously mentioned. Aoelus cards from Aopen are already introduced prior to other Nvidia partners and at the time of article or slightly before, and some of these cards include the PCX series. Article specifically mentions "enthusiast Aeolus PCX 5950, performance Aeolus PCX 5750, mainstream Aeolus PCX 5300, and vaue Aeolus PCX 4300."

    Possibly wrong picture. PCX 5950 256mb. This is listed at techpowerup with interesting clock speeds of 475mhz gpu and 475mhz memory with TDP of 57W. Dual-slot card and GPU is NV38. Release date 02-17-2004 dated before CeBIT. Very interesting specs and date of card if you ask me. Pic is the same reference model mentioned above previously so probably wrong pic; and according to link with reference card above previously, the hynix chips are only 128mb with 8 populated but the same page mentions 256mb max capacity at bottom.

    Not much, but I placed this in catalogued section above and didn't realize it said PCX5950. Basically the card here matches a PCX5900, but it's confusingly described as PCX5950. It also mentions Nvidia PCX series as unlikely to market because PCIE platforms are scarce and the PCX 5750 & PCX 5950 cards are expensive to produce while not being native PCI-E cards. Furthermore the PCX5950 is described here as using the 5900XT GPU with 128mb ram, dsub, dvi, and s-video. No mention of clock speeds. Either this is a mistake or this is a real PCX5950 with svideo and dsub ports alongside a different pcx5900 card. Also mentions, with Google translate, card is strictly a "public design" which matches all other PCX cards; perhaps it actually means it's a reference design. Price: 1900 yuan, location: SEG 5309. Either description is corrupt or it really is a PCX5950; I think it really is a PCX5900 except colorful.com pic... Unfortunately I can't find larger images of this card so can't make out the GPU clearly, but you can see the colorful.com pic without heatsink is a slightly different card (crystal, chokes, other small parts and Nvidia Geforce PCX 5950 watermark on top-left of pic) with barely legible "XT" text on far right of bga GPU (probably says 5900 XT) vs pconline.com pics. https://translate.google.com/transla...ml&prev=search. slightly better pic without watermark

    Gainward PCX5950 256mb @ Computex June 4, 2004. Red PCB as expected from Gainward but this one has Dual DVI ports. Heatsink also appears to be aluminum with surface fins, and with red flame textured shim layered on top. Same site lists many other PCX 5750, pcx 5900 and pcx 5300 cards and some of these have small differences from marketed product. Shown at Computex 2004 and described on page 7 at 3dnews.ru as Geforce FX 5900 PCI-Express https://3dnews.ru/167058/page-7.html. https://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/...604/comp18.htm

    Extension to Gainward PCX5950 256mb previously. GPUzoo annoyingly describes Gainward CoolFX PowerPack! Ultra/1800 XP 256M "Golden Sample" as PCI-Express single slot GPU towards end of description; but in specifications the bus interface is described as AGP8x (other specs match those of PCX5950 256mb @ techpowerup.com). http://www.gpuzoo.com/GPU-Gainward/C...en_Sample.html

    Palit PCX5900 oddball. Another dual dvi oddity and it's described as being AGP8x bus interface with 128mb or 256mb while it clearly has a PCIE 16x male plug. It even has company logo on heatsink and looks like a finalized product. Computex 06-04-2004.

    XFX PCX 5950? Dual DVI again but no company brand on physical card. March 18th to 24th, 2004, the annual CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany. https://translate.google.com/transla...19705858.shtml

    Point of View PCX 5900. Another dual DVI oddity. No company brand.

    Another dual dvi PCX5900. It's also shown as 400mhz core & 700mhz memory and tested against AGP fx 5900 with exact same clock speeds. Was actually a test of the new PCI-E interface and how it affects card performance from Ixbt.com in Russian. https://translate.google.com/transla...Fpci-e-1.shtml

    Two of the most bizarre prototypes I've come across. It's actually an engineering sample NV37. Probably a mobile application mutated into a pc expansion card. Bridge and gpu on same die, and only two memory chips. More pics from source here http://www.yjfy.com/Museum/video/Geforce_PCX5300_ES.htm and other interesting cards from same sight. second card similar but less ridiculous and memory on same die with bridge and gpu
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    To make this even more fun to read I minimized the text.

    Life!? ... What console is that on?

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    If anyone out there in the internet is reading this, please provide anything regarding a PCX5950 to help me update. Specifically PCX5950 with literal proof. There should be at least one manufactered out there but it's probably more rare than Voodoo 5 6000. Probably as hard to find as working Sega Neptune.

    I know there's more cards that need added to catalogued section but I will try to update as much as I can. Thanks.

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    EVGA was offering $1,000 to the 1st people to send in their 1st Edition GeForce 4 MX440 cards. Sadly, the one I have is an Nvidia model.

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    Didn't several PowerMac G5 models ship with Geforce FX PCI-E? Mac cards from that era aren't compatible with Windows without reflashing the bios, but the hardware should be the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SegataS View Post
    To make this even more fun to read I minimized the text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roce View Post
    Didn't several PowerMac G5 models ship with Geforce FX PCI-E?
    AFAIK no. Only FX 5200 PCI standard. I'm pretty sure PCI-E is specific to 64-bit machines unless it's less than 16 lanes (some PC PCBs used 32-bit compatible pcie to agp 4x implementation for compatibility but maybe not all lanes). G5 Macs had some larger 64-bit PCI X slots as well as PCI-E slots, but no Nvidia FX NV3x PCI-E cards came with G5.

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