Hi everyone,
Decided it was about time for me to finish my 32X collection.

Here are the games I still need. I want them complete, sealed is better but not paying the "+whatever ridiculous %" some ebay sellers are dreaming for the shrinkwrapp ending in the games being relisted every month for three years.

Primal Rage

Amazing spider-man web of fire
Brutal Unleashed above the claws
World series baseball

Metal Head
Star trek starfleet academy.

And that's about it.

I'm also looking for any european blister packed games (except 36 great holes, metal head, NFL club and star wars) and for any portuguese Ecolfilmes instruction manuals (except Doom and Stellar assault).
I also probably need a couple of japanese reg cards but not sur which games came with one so that will be for later.

Thanks for reading