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Thread: Dune loop demo and backups :

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    Default Dune loop demo and backups :


    About the game Dune on Mega-CD II, a nasty bug :

    If I let the game run in a loop demonstration, arrive at a n number of loops, at a specific time:

    -the screen freezes.
    -the reset on the md no longer works.
    -force the power supply to be switched off.
    -when restarting, all the backups integrated in the mcd have disappeared !

    Do you think this problem can be fixed with a patch of the game ?
    An innovative game on md/gs ? I vote for.

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    Try cleaning the port that connects to your md to the scd. Also try a burnt copy of the game. Dune is a game I used heavily in troubleshooting my repair on a sega cd console.

    This sounds like some kind of hardware failure as opposed to a glitch

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