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Thread: US jewel-like cases

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    Default US jewel-like cases

    Japanese, US and PAL saturn cases don't look like..japanese ones are common looking, US ones are more massive and PAL one are a bix of US cases and 3do cases lol

    I have noticed some US games got releases in both "big box" and jewel cases as well. I am thinking VIrtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop mostly...how come??

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    I don't believe any U.S. games were sold at retail in small CD style cases. VF2, VF Remix, Virtua Cop, Daytona & Nights Into Dreams were released in small cases as pack-ins.

    At least Saturn retail games were consistently in the same packaging. PS1 had Saturn style longboxes, ridged cardboard longboxes, cardboard longboxes with fake ridges, and CD style cases. I can't display all my PS1 games together because of the different types of packaging.
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    Virtua Fighter came in a CD case with the Satun. My free copy of VF Remix was shipped in a cardboard CD sleeve.
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    Speaking of Virtual Fighter Remix that was one of the few Pal Sega Saturn games that came in a Jewel case (well double Jewel case)
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