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Thread: CRT monitor breaking down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecco View Post
    Thanks guys, I will eventually crack it open and look for bad caps. However at the moment, the monitor is working perfectly. I don't know if this makes sense but I can't help wondering if the problem was from a strange form of interference with my iMac sitting next to it, and almost touching the edge of the CRT monitor. I moved them apart and all is well, or maybe it's just random when the monitor goes crazy lol.
    One thing you learn repairing electronics for many years is that almost anything's possible. If you find something that works, stick with it.

    and like others suggested, inspecting caps and cold solder joints is a good first step
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    Quote Originally Posted by pyroesp View Post
    20 year old CRT? Open it up and check for bulging capacitors.
    Replace all capacitors even if they're not bulging at that age. Check Voltage regulators for burn marks on P.C.B.. Try to find service manual for the C.R.T. and check voltages with multimeter.

    Check Anode cap for damage. If it's still good, add synthetic grease with di-electric properties.

    Before touching anything though, make sure to dissipate leftover current with large screwdriver connected to ground from the metal (metal from screwdriver wired to ground-earth on a active circuit in a house), and touch CRT display's metal under anode cap (while CRT is unplugged). This is called discharging. Wear rubber gloves and don't touch skin on any metal though... Cheap rain pancho and shower gown from dollar store helps when servicing electronics and should be used. Try to use a anti-static wrist strap.

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    Thank you everyone for the input. It has continued working perfectly for like a week, since I moved it and readjusted the heavy plant on top of it. So I'll probably leave it alone completely unless it starts showing problems again.

    Besides the possible idea of interference, I think the giant plant's weight was messing up the functioning of the monitor, somehow. The plant is maybe 30 pounds, and the monitor is built quite strong (off-white plastic), but apparently the plant's weight was enough, in the wrong spot, to mess up the functioning of the screen.
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