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Thread: Let's make a Sonic movie of our own

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    Sonic Let's make a Sonic movie of our own

    I want to look at a what-if scenario...WOOHOO, A NEW CONCEPT ON SEGA-16! WOW! As we all know the 90s were ripe with video game movies. None of them all that good. Mortal Kombat was the most competent but a good movie it is not. One thing that is positive as a decent budget was spent on these films. They had well-known stars. Mario Bros movie had a budget of $48 million which is nearly $85 million in 2019. Street Fighter II had a $35 mill budget. Sure Double Dragon was $8 mill but Sonic was more popular than that series. So this thread is let's share our ideas for the 1990s (likely early to mid-90s at Sonic's peak popularity) but be somewhat realistic. We can't expect would have been greatly received but maybe we can come up with something that sounds somewhat believable and maybe Sonic fans look back fondly despite being flawed like Mortal Kombat.

    I am thinking and not saying this would be great but what I think Hollywood might or could have done then. A Sonic film that chases after Roger Rabit. Part live action and part animated. Sonic and Co are animated. Dr. Robotnik is live action. He would be played by Danny Devito. Who plays Sonic? As much as I love White 90s cartoon Sonic I think Hollywood of the era wants more star power so they chase down 90s teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He was at his peak popularity at this time with Lion King, Huck Fin and of course Home Improvement. Tails also join in. I can't think of anyone really as I know he is often voiced by women to sound like a kid or at least used to be. I can't off the top of my head think of female VA's that would fit him that was a big name like a teen star that would work. Instead, I will go veteran VA and she can do many voices of boys. Nancy Cartwright. I won't include Knuckles as I think this film only wants the 3 most recognized characters for budget reasons even if let's be generous and say $30 mill. (it ain't getting Mario Bros money)

    I struggle to think of a plot mainly because 90s VG films seemed to have really bizarre ideas. Of course, I want Sonic to be more faithful to the games but I'm not sure like many games back then the paper-thin plot can fill 90s minutes and why so many were bizarre. It could follow the game splot and try to stretch that to 90s minutes I don't know. Possibly something stupid like Dr. Robonik is a mad scientist on Earth who creates a machine that opens portals to other dimensions and Sonic and Tails get sucked in..of course, the machine breaks after they come through and that is our set up(fuck that's just Howard the Duck...hopefully no duck or hedgehog tits this time). Maybe he takes animals from this dimension because they have some McGuffin energy to power machines and cars and make gas and coal and batteries obsolete..ah fuck whatever.

    Something really dumb. I think MK was the only one that really worked because while the concept was simple a tournement...you can basically turn a tournament or competitive event esp with magic ninjas out 90s minutes.

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    To be honest I loved the orgin story
    From the disney adventures magazine back
    In the day.....
    Stretch it into a cgi movie and nail the voice acting...
    Disney has been doing this and banking
    This cant be that hard....
    How can you have lame jokes in a sonic movie
    That all they would need for comic relief is
    The ever hilarious scratch and grounder for.
    Probably because they would outshine carey....
    Lets cast the skinny wish
    He was still funny guy to play a rotund
    Character who really isnt supposed to be funny...
    Hes supposed to be laughed AT......

    Im begging for this whole sanic in a furry suit
    to be an epic marketing ploy with the "trailer"
    Intentionally off just to be able to "fix" it for
    "Us" and save the day at the last minute.
    Which was the plan all along to get everyone
    buzzing about it.....
    Its something i would do....but im a jerk so...
    Who knows, maybe they already have a great
    model and movie, and really did troll us with
    the fake trailer and fake pandering only to
    unveil the real thing (which was there all along)
    At the next preview....
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    Sorry but unless you can get Jim Carrey to play Robotnik, you won't be able to do anything nearly as good as the official movie.

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    Two minutes into the movie, someone says, "You're too slow!" Every two minutes thereafter, someone says it again but changes it slightly until at the end of the movie it finally evolves into "你太慢了啊!"

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    Would make the characters puppets (Muppet-Style if not Muppets themselves, not realistic) to ease the budget compared to animation and perhaps even glean in more of what characters were present at the time.
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