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Thread: Turbo Duo - Reading Disc Problems

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    TG-16 Turbo Duo - Reading Disc Problems

    Hi Guys, I need help...

    My Turbo Duo R suddenly stopped to read discs..
    but is very strange, because all happens was it should,
    the lens moves and the cd spins and etc..
    but always got disc read error..

    i bought one new cd reader, change it but does not work,
    I was looking the capacitors and seems to be all right
    somebody has some tips to help fix it?

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    Contact jodi on facebook from turboreproductions, hes a real pro with nec hardware.

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    Pyron, it may be as simple as needing to adjust the pots on the laser, but more than likely it needs a new one. The new Chinese ones you can buy now have a high failure rate, I had to buy three of them before the third worked well. Also, you can't really tell by looking at caps if they are good or not, but if it's a Duo R then caps shouldn't really be a big issue, it was the black duos that were prone to failure.
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