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Thread: WTB: Neo Geo Pocket Color (system or system + games)

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    Default WTB: Neo Geo Pocket Color (system or system + games)

    Anyone have one they want to part with? I'm totally new to the system and I don't really have any particular needs other than the fact that I'm starting from scratch, just interested in getting into it.

    East Coast USA.

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    NGPC was in the days before frontlit and backlit screens. Frontlight-modded NGPCs are a little less common than normal ones, but I'd totally recommend it if you can swing it. (From what I remember, backlight mods are difficult if not impossible to do.)

    Just thought I'd make the suggestion, since you said you're new to the system. My NGPC is still stock and every time I bring it out I remember the suffering of finding adequate light to play a handheld game by.
    Managed memory, in my VDP? It's more likely than you think.
    Expand your ROM size with this one weird pointer dereference (Fonzie hates them).

    Keeping the list of new physically released homebrew games up to date! ...And looking to buy a few I've missed.

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