Hi everyone, this tutorial is for people that have the joystick issue after flashing theirs NEO GEO MINI units with the current CFW on the web (the japense fw with emus and more)

the materials we need are:
ALPS xbox 360 joystick
x4 5kohms smd resistors
x1 10kohms smd resistor

let's start the fun

remove the control board from the neo geo mini and remove the joystick and change the yellow pots for the green alps potentiometers

after changing the pots solder the joystick again on the control board


Now replace all four red market 10k resistors to 5k resistors and save one 10k res because we needed that resistor on the next step

you need to install the 10k resistor on the joystick pines for avoid the self moving issue

Now connect the control board on the main board and ENJOY your neo geo mini with zero joystick trouble!!