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Thread: Shenmue 3 Controversy

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    The first time I played Shenmue I had a very difficult time to appreciate it. Its slow tempo and outdated controls distracted me so much that I put it aside after only a few hours. Nearly five years later I gave it a second chance and decided from the start that no matter what I thought about the game itself - I was going to beat it. And I did, and oh man was it worth it.

    While Shenmue is the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a modern open world game, it's in facts its concept of freedom which makes it so special. It's completely free of stress or constraint. Never feeling forced to do anything and always being able to make my own decisions, especially in such a magnificent and peaceful town as Dobuita in fact is, creates an atmosphere which is truly pleasureable for me. Shenmue 2 have a different tone but manages to deliver its ownright experience which is still fascinating to revisit.

    On top of all that, its references to East Asian culture is also a treat. Like, what if Ozu directed a film starring Bruce Lee?

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    Life!? ... What console is that on?

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