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Thread: Who still collects?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarmSignal View Post
    I like to think I have a pretty good eye for what's repro, or original. It actually takes a hell of a lot of effort to make a 1 to 1 of anything. I've made some of my own game boxes using hours of Photoshop, scanners, and a high-end ink jet. The best equipment and assets available to the general public still kinda pales in comparison to the industrialized process of things, even 30 years in the past. Nothin' repro ever looks quite right.
    I agree if I've got it in my hands, but pictures online for a lot of stuff can be deceiving. There's a local media store near me that sells retro stuff and I'm always suspicious about stuff that looks "too mint" to be good.
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    A spine card is the hymen of a new game assuring its first owner that he is truly her one and only, and of a used game assuring its new owner that whilst she has been played with in the past that play has never been too careless or thorough.

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    Oh man. There's a guy who recently listed a bunch of 32x stuff on eBay... and they're all like super grossly overpriced, even for COVID madness prices. Like $690 for Knuckles Chaotix, which is roughly a $200 game. The rest of his listing are similarly overblown in price. $80 for Cosmic Carnage, a $25 game. $400 for Zaxxon, a $120 game. Sad, because he actually has a few titles I'd spend good money for, had he listed them for the real prices. It's either a joke, or he kinda wants a quick few grand for something, but doesn't want it enough to actually part with his stuff.

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    I've actually become a seller on eBay recently. I stocked up big time on all of the Sega systems when no one seemed to want them. I sold one JVC X'EYE on eBay recently. It paid for all seven of them that I bought back in the day! I started the auction at $215 and it went up from there. I have about 14 Sega Genesis' with Sega CDs between model ones and twos lined up to go on there. I'm not pricing things high like most I see, but the bidders send them up way higher than I would ever pay. I am going to keep one of each variation and sell the rest. I can't argue with 500 to 1000% profits!

    The games I will hold onto though. I still want to play them! Also, I read on here earlier that Knuckles Chaotix doesn't work on a Model 2? It worked fine on a unit I sold recently. I will try another and take pics if it does.

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    The Knuckles Chaotix crashing issue happens on a specific revision of either the 32x or Genesis, I forget which, but there are a few threads about it in Tech Aid. I haven't had it happen to me before, but it is a well documented issue. User Ace has an excellent thread there stickied which examines the multiple revisions of the different consoles and shows you how to tell which revision you have.

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