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Thread: Regarding The Future of Megadrive Development

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    Well ... after all said I have some things to score, in my humble opinion of course.

    Two years ago, if a project appears for MD or another Retro console that I like, I supported it in the first day,
    even if I was not well financially at the moment,
    but I had a strong feeling in wanting to encourage the scene and interesting projects.

    Looking at today, this really happened and was not good as I expected.

    Basically to make a good game, you should have at least a good programmer, an artist, a game designer and a composer.
    Usually can happen that one of these guys has more than one function, or in rare cases..
    an experienced and hard-working guy does everything himself.
    This last case was even more common these days due to the advancement of graphics engines,
    and the immense community where you find lots of ready and shared material,
    giving you a good foundation to start doing your project ..
    But in the case of Retro platforms this reality does not repeat itself.

    So what we have today are several games of those who never did anything to platform,
    trying to do it all alone for the first time.
    What is more impressive is that the overwhelming majority of this category has never done anything about games in life.
    This would not be a problem if this guy made demos and distributed his games for free,
    until he found the experience and maturity to launch something good and bigger.
    The problem today is that this guy who is venturing and living a dream of being a game developer..
    wants you to fund this adventure.
    So we have several financing campaigns for mediocre games that are later sold at high prices because idiots like me
    thats want to help the scene, or also increase the collection.

    Now, I only try to support projects of people that I know and trust, or who already have experience in the field and showed something good and viable to be produced.

    I think people could talk more, get together to do good things, share profit, work and experiences.
    After all, game studios are not just a logo thats you put in the box to distribute your game,
    people responsible for various aspects of the game were also in it.
    So guys, maybe you shold think start do it again..

    Sorry for the outburst.
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    Small observation, the best games are authentic objects of the subculture produced by profit-oriented maniacs.

    Games that have combined creative success with commercial performance are therefore created by employees who master their subjects and are sometimes subject to very harsh management.

    The solution to avoid discouragement or corporate terror is to create design software that everyone can easily master, and you will see the new designs appear...
    An innovative game on md/gs ? I vote for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyron View Post
    Basically to make a good game, you should have at least a good programmer, an artist, a game designer and a composer.
    This is why I jumped all in on Xeno Crisis. A lot of people I knew of from other amazing work, and the person who I think is the best YM2612 composer doing the music? I'd have been a fool not to strike while the iron is hot, no matter how dire my financial situation may have been.
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