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Thread: 3D Arcade style Run 'n Guns

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    Pc 3D Arcade style Run 'n Guns

    What are some of your fave 3D run n guns? I am not talking about third person shooters like VanQuish or Gears of war. Talking more isometric view or top down. Can be side view as long as it uses 3D backgrounds. A sprite character with a 3D environment also counts as does twin-stick shooters. It's easy to name a million 2D games but seeing what you guys have as 3D.

    I mentioned this in another topic but with the announcement of Contra Rogue Ops, I got excited. Sure it's ugly and looks jank but kinda like that. It sorta reminds me of a game I love on Dreamcast called Expendable. (on sale for $1.79 as of this posting on GOG. Not played that version myself) It had a dark and grimy look to it and despite its flaws was fun.

    My issue is I don't know of a whole lot of 3D run n guns. I know there are quite a few twin stick games on consoles and PCs these days as downloadable games like Neon Chrome, Android Cactus Assault, Ruiner and more but my absolute fave ever has to be Nex Machina.

    From the 80s synth inspired OST

    To the twitchy gameplay and controls so so so well. Everything is at a very brisk pace.

    Can you guys name some anything from your faves to ones you played or caught your eye. Anything. Old or new.

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    I have to be honest, I don't know of that many 3d run n guns either but i'd be open to trying some. Most of the ones I played were 2d sidescrolling or 2.5d.

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    I deleted my original post, but what about Apocalypse on the PS1 and the Loaded games?


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    Expendable was one of the first that came to mind, but if you want to head back to the Dreamcast, Capcom had one called Cannon Spike. Everyone was on skates for some reason, but some of their major characters were playable.

    It might fit the 3rd person shooter category, but I wouldn't miss the chance to recommend the Earth Defense Force series(barring the SNES shoot 'em up of the same name).
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